Brittney goes to school!

Brittney Goes to School!

Happy Thursday!

Last weekend, the sensory table was a hit; Kayden loves it!  He’ll wait for me to open it up and he begins to play.  It’s so fun to watch him explore and play on his own.  For a change up, we will put sand and dump trucks for him to experience.  Can you believe what kind of mess this might be?  Good thing it’s in the kitchen for “easy” clean up.

We are finishing our labs this week and will only be on campus for the practice class.  All others will be online.  During our in-clinic practice, we become familiar with our instruments practicing on each other.  It is a valuable experience to use them on each other.  Real life.  I’m staying positive and hoping they do not close our campus completely.  We do have a typodont, a mouth mannequin, that we practice with at home. It has helped a lot with the technique and hand placement.

See you next week.


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